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Activities @ Gurukul School

Science Exhibition On Wheels And Planetarium

A Science exhibition and show of Planetarium was organized in the school on 01 Aug. 2018 with the proposal from Mr. Rajan Jawakhedkar, Tribal Welfare Department, Dhar and with the help of Science Exhibition on wheels by Children Science Centre, Indore . The students were shown Stars, Planets, Constellations and Milky way Galaxy in a specially designed dome. They were shown different pattern of star and position different planets, the Moon and the Sun. They were shown the slides of solar eclipse and various natural phenomena. Students from 3rd Standard to 12th Standard enjoyed the presentation and raised many questions to which Mr. Sunil Singh responded. Science on wheel contain various models such as Newton’s Cradle, Hydro-electricity Model, Tesla Coil, Steam Engine, System of Pulleys, Mosquito repellent Electric bat working, Light dependent Resistance, Mars Mission Model, Models of Bio-diversity, Floating Earth, Magnetic levitation and Magnetic brakes in train wheel. Students of class XII explained these models with the help of Mrs. Rekha Singh and Mr. Rajendra Singh. They have shown the collection of old coins from the World and India. Mr. Sunil Singh demonstrated Jadu Nahi Vigyan with the help of some magic tricks to the Teachers. He expected that teachers should come forward with the ideas and models to make Science interesting. The students expressed their views also. They said it was a wonderful experience to see Stars and Planets in the dome as well understanding the Science models. All the Sports teachers and Subject teachers co-operated to maintain discipline of Students.

Gurupurnima Utsav

In Gurukul School Dhamnod on 27/07/18 the eve of Guru Purnima two competitions (patriotic and devotional songs) were organized the guests are respected C.E.O., Director and Principal.In patriotic songs competition VI to VIII students participated and in devotional songs IX to XII students participated. In both the competitions four houses Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram, Maheshwaram house participated.

Mr. Paras Patidar and Mrs Sandhya Khoche were the judges for both the programs. In the beginning of program the judges were welcomed by teachers and students. The program has started by patriotic songs competition . All the presentations were appreciated by audience and dignitaries. After patriotic song competition devotional song competition was organized . In this competition Satyam house presentation was appreciated by all. The judges had given their judgement on the basis of four parameters like selection of songs , rhythm , co-ordination and melody. In both programs anchoring is done by class VIII students . Music teacher, Mr. Ajay Dongre and his team made significant contribution for the competition. The program ended successfully.Next day the result of both competitions were announced. In patriotic songs competition Satyam house was winner . It scored marks out of .In the second position was taken by Maheshwaram house. In devotional songs competition again Satyam house was the winner. The winners and runner up got certificates.

Director and Principal of the institution congratulated winners, runner up as well as all the participants.

Mega Dance Presentation

In Gurukul School grand birthday of Director of the institution Mr. A.L. Mujumdar was celebrated. Students of senior block danced together in a mega dance performance in all 1400 students participated and it’s a record in our area. He cut the cake and Gurukul family wished him long healthy life. Children also gifted self sketched picture of Director.

AISSCE & AISSE 2017-18

CBSE Examination AISSCE & AISSE was conducted successfully at Gurukul School from 5th March to 25thApril 2018. Gurukul School was the Centre (Centre No.1664) of CBSE Board Examination of seven schools from nearby Dhamnod i.e Adarsh Academy, Shanti Nilya, R.M. Nyati, Himalaya International, Shankar School, Nimar Cambridge & Gurukul School. There were 909 students registered in the examination out of which 606 students for class 10 and 303 students for class 12. CBSE appointed Mr.Arun Mulewa, PGT, Perfect Academy, Manawar as a Centre Supdt. for the CBSE Board Examination. Gurukul School appointed Mr. Brajesh Barve and Mr. Pankaj Khandelwal as a Dpt.Centre Supdt. & Clerk resp. Question Papers were received from the Canara Bank 15 days before the examination and were asked to count and verify the available material. Answer copies (Main copies, Graph copies & supplementary copies) were also received at the Centre few days earlier of the Examination which were counted and arranged according to the examinations day wise.

Information of Board Examination with proper details of the students and the examination timing was send to the Police Station, Dhamnod for smooth conduct of Examination and at the Post office for proper postal dispersal. Requirements of the teachers per day/per examination were sent to the different schools so that invigilation Duty can be prepared in advanced.

According to the By-Laws of CBSE following points where kept in mind:

  • Timetable was prepared day wise, where seating arrangements were changed after every two exams.
  • Seating arrangements and other matters related to the conduct of examination were prepared. (The number of seats in each vertical row was not divisible by three).
  • Separate arrangement was done for a partially visually handicapped candidate (only one) with extra time for the examination.
  • One Assistant Superintendent for every 20 or a part in a hall or big rooms was appointed. However, there were at least two Assistant Superintendents in a room irrespective of the candidates.
  • Question Papers were brought every morning between 9:45 to 10:00am from the bank with full security in presence of Centre Supdt. and Dy. Supdt. in School vehicle.
  • Instructions were given to the Assistant Supdt.(invigilators) every morning so that mistakes can be avoided.
  • Students were allowed to enter the examination hall 30 minutes before the examination. At 10:00 am answer sheets were distributed serial wise and at 10:15 Question papers were distributed sequence wise and were allowed to start writing at 10:30am. Answer copies were taken back after 3 hrs at 1:30pm.
  • Copies were collected room wise from the invigilators, were arranged according to the CBSE Guidelines ,packed and deposited to the Post Office the same day.
  • Online entries were filled every day after the disperse of the answer sheet bundles to the post office.