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Vision & Mission
Our vision is to bring out a reversal in traditional approach of educating young, innocent and energetic minds and provide them ample opportunities of learning to learn, to unlearn, to relearn, to forget, to forgive, to do, to undo and re-do all without fear. This will inspire students to have access to lifelong learning. They will get momentum to fight with challenges and prepare themselves good citizens to be competent without losing affection for their own culture and motherland..
ROur mission is to develop, assist and steward ethical infrastructure that maximize talents, creativity, sharing and innovation which in turn creates every individual the opportunity to be independent in thought and action. This points to a capacity of carefully considered, value-based decision making, both independently and collectively. This will also bring out sensitivity to others well being and feelings, together with knowledge and understanding of the world which ultimately form the basis of rational commitment to values. This will also facilitate the natives of the locality of Dhamnod and nearby areas to educate their young ones with quality education.