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From the desk of Principal
With the advancement of communication facilities and multimedia the world has become a global village, and education has become an international enterprise. Hence the responsibility lies on the shoulders of educators and educationist to prepare the global citizens who are rational in thoughts, believe in multiculturalism and can take any future challenges. Apart from this , education has prime responsibility of making the citizens who care for Mother Earth too. To impart such education we need school which can promote the children to attain perfection in studies, promote international brotherhood and peace. Gurukul is such one of the schools which lays stress on all round development of child and prepares him to face challenges of future. The school with its infrastructure, well qualified, experienced faculty committed to keep promises, made its mark within short span of time. I believe that each child has an immense potential and we just need to identify and develop it. The very concept of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) assumes that each child is talented and is capable of learning , the school has just to provide a wide variety of opportunities in both the Scholastic and Co-scholastic areas to unveil the potential of every child and develop it into blooming flower. Gurukul is striving to attain the same noble goal. Apart from quality education Gurukul provides equal opportunities for co-curricular activities as well. The teachers at Gurukul are committed and dedicated to their profession and I am sure that the team efforts will certainly attain new heights of excellence in the field of education.