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From the desk of C.E.O.
"we'll start our school Vishnu Yes and take revenge on teachers ..scold them as they scold us. Shout on them Oh yesand shoot them with whys for every an. any this or that as our Principal does Gosh it will be exciting to make them stay out of our cabin and show we're busy as they keep us out of the class room How funny a an and enjoying will it be to see the changing colors of their faces." This is an excerpt of a talk between two children studying in lower standard that inspired me to take favor of children and establish such a school where no child brain cherish such a horrible dream and plan to take revenge on teachers harass the principal disappoint the parents and repent life long where children are not sent but they come willingly After an exhausting work out Gurukul appeared. Now it's in the hands of a devoted team of multifold experts, (I am proud to mention) which has been proving its heights by giving excellent in Academics, Sports, Cultural Social and National Duties also. Gurukul has become a brand name and been recognized far and wide but for us its not the destination just a step and yet miles to go. Get ready!

Prahllad Bhandari