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Semi-Olympic Sized swimming pool of length 25 meters , 12.5 meters wide and a depth of between 1.2 and 1.6 meters is constructed in the month of March April to meet the growing demand of swimming pool in our region. It develops bent for new recreational activities, leisure or competitive athletics. It develops life skills under the special guidance of a trained coach and students learn different styles of swimming viz.front crawl, butterfly stroke, breast stroke , backstroke , sidestroke, snorkeling and underwater diving.
It aims at enhancing the English language skills of the students. Nguru English Plus Language Lab is a platform where comprehensive and interactive digital content catering to the listening and speaking skills, is put to use in a stimulating lab environment. It has been launched with the objective to enrich the spoken skills by active learning through class room interactions aided by technology. The program helps students to frame grammatically correct sentences, improve pronunciation and enrich their vocabulary.
It is a branch of engineering deals with computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering. It includes design, operation, construction and use of robots. It is used in STEM as a teaching-aid. It includes Military robots, Caterpillar, waiters, combat for sports, Agricultural robots, domestic robots, medical robots, household robots, nano robots etc.
It includes a large soft play area and a children’s fitness gym to promote problem-solving and gross-motor skills development and provides opportunity for exploratory play. The children’s fitness gym aims to introduce children to movement and body awareness at a young age so that they begin their early steps toward health and physical fitness.
Rifle shooting is a competitive sport which is introduced this year in summer camp and students will be given regular coaching throughout the year. It involves tests of proficiency (accuracy and speed) using various types of guns, such as firearms and airguns. Shooting sports are categorized by the type of firearm, target, and distance at which the targets are shot. A rifle is a firearm or airgun with a rifled barrel, but commonly refers to long weapons that usually require two hands to hold and fire steadily. They generally have a longer range and greater accuracy than pistols.
Mess facility is restarted keeping in mind the demands of students and parents. It provides healthy and hygienic food to the students.
The school stands in lush green surrounding and a beautiful campus. It has imposing look. It consists of three main blocks Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram for Senior, Primary and Pre-Primary sections. It has well lit spacious and airy classrooms equipped with comfortable furniture and interactive white board to support teaching – learning process.
Computer Lab
It is the favourite place of the digi natives to explore and to learn.
There is a large Library cum Reading room well stocked with all types of books.
Maths Lab
There is a well equipped Maths Lab to promote mathematical, analytical, logical and scientific skills.
Science Lab
There are separate Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Social-Science Laboratories. The staff and students are encouraged to make use of these facilities to make teaching learning process easier and effective. The students get hands on experience on various scientific facts and formulations to strengthen their conceptual thinking.
Play Ground/ Sports Area
There are well maintained play grounds for almost all the outdoor games volleyball, football, badminton, handball , basketball & cricket . Indoor games facilities include carrom table tennis, chess etc. Students have yoga, PT , Fixed Mallkhamb, Rope Mallkhamb as regular activities.
Art Room/Studio
An attractive painted art room that provides the budding artist the right ambience to show their creativity to hone their skills.
Childrens Park
It also has big childrens park with slides, swings etc. so that the children can learn and grow in the vicinity of nature.
Summer Camp
During summer holidays summer camp is organized where faculties and experts from outside the campus are invited to teach other activities for the all round development of the child.
To expose the multitude of talent among the students, a spacious, state of art auditorium with excellent spacious seating and amazing acoustics, has been installed in the campus. The students display their talent in various competitions and it is also a regular forum for parents to gauge the intellectual development of their children.
Dance Room & Music Room
Sweet notes of music float and make the atmosphere full of sweet melodies when students learn to play many musical instruments. Students are taught many dance forms like Indian classical, folk, western etc. which serve in many ways to end the monotonous daily routine and the children get recharged to concentrate on their studies.
School provides efficient & comfortable transport system from all the nearby areas and out-skirts. The school provides safe and comfortable transport by implementing schedule to suit the needs of students. They are deployed on different routes.
The school has a clinic/ medical room to provide immediate first aid.
Smart Class
The class room teaching is also enriched by the teacher when he takes the class to Audio Visual Room which is equipped by multimedia projector, OHP and big screen to have the world class education designed by renowned educationist that is easy to grasp considering the multiple intelligence inherent in the child.
Team of Experienced Teachers
A team of experienced & dedicated teachers committed to attain high academic excellence is available at Gurukul. Highly qualified, talented faculty with care, warmth, & positive attitude goes beyond the call of duty to provide effective learning to young minds.