Pride of Gurukul

we proud of them, we must proud of them and they are proud of each other

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Our Origin

Rising sun in the twenty first century is transforming the education system...

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Academic RESULTS of Class XIIth and Xth board of our school..

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Welcome To Gulrukul

Gurukul School is a creation of those threads which is a tender brain has been weaving from its school days. The inviting school campus, fascinating uniform, picturesque books, nerves activating sports grounds and instruments, motivating teachers and many more threads of such things to which the child came in to contact got designed in his brain, along with his studies he started dreaming of such a school where he could compensate the lacking he felt year by year.

As he grew, grew his dream big to bigger and it was the day, when the child's detached thoughts took shape into the form of a school and named Gurukul it was a product of a childs imagination and so every child's imagination.

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