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Excursions & Picnic
Educational tours and picnics are organized from time to time keeping in mind that the child should learn and appreciate the wonder of nature around him. It develops independence, interdependence, spirit of self-confidence and adventure in them. It develops in them love for outdoor life.
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Annual Celebration
We have glorious tradition of celebrating all National and cultural festivals irrespective of cult, sect or religion to develop the true spirit of secularism and democracy. Every individual has a treasure of immense talent. We organize the functions regularly to bring out and encourage acting, singing dancing & group discussion ,elocution, debate, poetry recitation & above all the spirit to live together, to work together and to think together.
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Co-curricular activities like poetry recitation, story telling, declamation, debates, speech, advertisement, painting, Rangoli, dance & singing competition are organized under Inter House Competitions and Inter School Competitions from time to time.
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Art and Craft
The young artists work here & astonish everyone by their creativity & innovation. They are deeply involved in drawing and painting. In addition to this they are taught sculpture, wood carving, pottery, clay modeling, paper cutting and folding. They take part in interschool events with great zeal.
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Literary Activities
Students are encouraged to develop their debating skills, memory and art of public speaking through various literary activities like poetry recitation, debates, speeches, declamation, talk show and quizzes etc.
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Sports forms an integral part of the school educational programme having facilities for indoor & outdoor sports. The students are given sample opportunities to exhibit their talent. A rigorous schedule has been thoughtfully designed so that each student can participate whole-heartedly in indoor and outdoor games organized at inter school levels.
Mock Parliament of Gurukul school:
Under learning through activities Mock elections were held thereby forming parliament of Gurukul Government students learnt the fundamental provisions of a democratic government; Under the same heading Emergency Evacuation Drill and similar Disaster Management Drills are organized at regular intervals. Adventure and Rescue Training Programme Certificate course was completed by more than 40 students at Kalakund near Choral on Indore-Barwaha road. Three days and two nights camp under skillful trainers students
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