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About Us
Gurukul School is a creation of those threads which is a tender brain has been weaving from its school days. The inviting school campus, fascinating uniform, picturesque books, nerves activating sports grounds and instruments, motivating teachers and many more threads of such things to which the child came in to contact got designed in his brain, along with his studies he started dreaming of such a school where he could compensate the lacking he felt year by year. As he grew, grew his dream big to bigger and it was the day, when the child's detached thoughts took shape into the form of a school and named Gurukul it was a product of a childs imagination and so every child's imagination. Gurukul School is affiliated to CBSE and the affiliation number is 1030223.It is run by Late Shri Gokuldas Ji Bhandari Education And Social Walfare Society. As it's a product of prolonged dream cherished by a child. It invites children and they feel here as at home. The definition of school here is "a place to learn, to forget to relearn and to do, undo, redo and all without fear" distinguishes it from other schools as the child is always in the centre of its all decisions. According to the latest recommendations by CBSE we are following the ideal teacher student ratio. Total no. of sections are 79 and 117 Teachers. The education and training of children is among the most splendid acts of mankind and it draws the grace and favour of the All the merciful, All benevolent God. Late Shri Gokuldas Bhandari Educational & Social Welfare Society believed in this and decided to establish an educational institution in the year 2002 with a mission to facilitate the natives of the locality of Dhamnod and nearby areas to educate their young ones with quality education. It is believed If you are planning for a few years, grow crops, if you are planning for a hundred years grow trees and if you are planning for thousand, educate children, Education is the indispensable foundation of all the human excellence and allows man to work his way to attain the heights of abiding glory.
Rich School Library is an important centre of activity for every student. Large number of books, CDs, pictorials on various subjects attract the students to supplement the class room learning.
Science and Mathematics Labs
The school has well-equipped laboratories and provides opportunity to every student to perform all the experiments. Gurukul believes in promoting "Learning by doing".
Audio Visual Room
The class room teaching is also enriched by the teacher when he takes the class to an Audio Visual Room which is equipped by multimedia projector, OHP and big screen to see world class educational pictures.
Orientation of Teachers
In-service teachers education program, exposure visits, participation in seminars, orientations, workshops are very much needed for the professional growth of teachers. The teachers also in the past have attended the workshops organized by Indore Sahodaya School Complex, CBSE. We also invite eminent educationists to update the knowledge and pedagogy of our teaching staff.
Extra Coaching
Apart from regular classroom teaching we take special care of slow learners by offering them regular extra coaching in the evening. Even the day scholars avail this facility who decide to go home by their own conveyance.
Team of experienced Teachers
A team of dedicated and experienced teachers committed to attain academic excellence is available at Gurukul. Highly qualified, talented faculty with right skills and positive attitude goes beyond the call of duty to provide effective learning to young minds. The teachers have committed their liability on building new generation.